Our History

Children’s Arts & Science Workshops, Inc. (CASW) was founded in response to the New York City teachers’ strike.

Concerned for their children’s education and safety, parents in Washington Heights set up temporary classrooms in a local church. There, community volunteers conducted classes during the day and provided after-school services.

The initiative proved so successful that at strike’s end, the decision was made to continue after-school programming and weekend workshops specializing in dance, music, and visual arts.

CASW is proud to be a leading agency in providing an array of programming designed to engage and empower the community within various school, community center and worksite settings. Along with the original array of academic and creative expression offerings, CASW also implements college preparation and placement, job development, job training and provides access to jobs for youth and adults.

Additionally, on site linguistic and culturally appropriate counseling, referrals to social support services, and trainings in conflict resolution, healthy lifestyles and fitness, healthy eating and food preparation are offered. Within our community centers, the agency has implemented evening and weekend programming designed to provide participants with a safe, engaging outlet.