Children's Arts & Science Workshops, Inc.

Growing Strong

Our CASW-COMPASS program has partnered with both PS 115 and Connectemonos to create a community garden on school grounds. This new initiative comes with a built-in lesson plan for our 2nd grade participants, who actively partake in the garden’s planting and maintenance. As they work on putting this garden together, participants are learning about cross-pollination and proper soil treatment for different plants. As the year progresses, participants will learn about different perennial crops and the seasons in which they grow. There is currently work being done towards a hydroponic garden indoors; which means that participants will also be learning about growing plants in a nutrient-based solution rather than soil.

This is a long-awaited collaboration which not only supports COMPASS’s STEM curriculum, but also poses an opportunity to teach our young participants about greenspaces and the ways in which these spaces can serve their local community.