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The New York City (NYC) Young Men’s Initiative (YMI), launched by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2011, was founded in response to the large inequities between Black and Latino young men and their peers in health, developmental, and economic outcomes. The program aims to serve all boys and young men of color (BYMOC) as well as younger boys and young women. CASW currently operates a YMI program in the Bronx River Cornerstone and Beacon Program at Metropolitan Soundview High School, these programs offer mentorship and leadership opportunities to participating youth.

As an extension of YMI, in 2023 Mentor New York partnered with the Department for the Aging to facilitate “My New York Story”,  and intergenerational mentoring initiative. Over 10 weeks, participants engaged in community-based projects that promoted mutual understanding, empathy, and respect – enabling the transfer of valuable knowledge and experiences. The program leveraged an intergenerational mentoring curriculum designed by Joie Golomb, MENTOR New York’s Director of Programs and Partnerships Development. CASW currently operates the My Story program at the Bronx River Cornerstone and Dyckman Cornerstone.


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