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Making a Good Impression in the Workplace

It’s normal to be nervous about starting a new job, especially if this is your very first work experience. However, don’t stress! Below are some tips to help you navigate the workplace:

Take Initiative:

  • People admire curious individuals who show enthusiasm for their work. So, don’t be afraid to take initiative in your workplace → Try to suggest some ideas or offer to help with different projects. (Of course, assuming you have the bandwidth to do so!) This generally shows that you have what it takes to be a leader.

Be Friendly but Professional:

  • Although your interactions in the workplace should reflect a standard of professionalism, it is still preferable to build a friendly relationship with your colleagues! If the person in question is comfortable with sharing, you can ask about their day, weekend, interests etc. Also, if anyone asks you about your hobbies, school, family etc.,please feel free to respond in the same way. Just be mindful that the topic of conversation is appropriate for the workplace.

Ask questions and don’t be afraid to own up to your mistakes:

  • You aren’t expected to know everything, especially when you’re first starting out! So don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re ever unsure about something. Also, in the event that you do make a mistake, try not to be too ashamed. It’s best to own up to it and offer up a sincere apology. Follow this up by asking how you can fix matters or improve in the future. 

Show Consideration for your Colleagues:

  • Most industries require you to collaborate with others, so you should try and treat your colleagues as teammates. This could mean respecting their time and being punctual for meetings, deadlines etc. But this could also mean little things to make their job easier. For example, if you’re sharing documents, make sure they are organized and easy to read. If you’re doing research for a particular project, share your notes if you think it’ll help a co-worker with their own workload.

Always Practice Workplace Etiquette

  • Of course, every workplace has a basic sense of etiquette you should follow. From your very first day, you should try to dress appropriately and be as punctual as possible. Also, you should try to observe these guidelines in basic communications: always say please and thank you, try to introduce yourself when you can, and of course, make sure your emails are legible and courteous.