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From the Bronx River Community Center, we extend a warm invitation to experience our vibrant community. Whether it’s after-school or summertime, our programs offer a blend of educational enrichment and recreational fun for all ages. Through STEAM-integrated learning, creative arts exposure, social-emotional development, and cultural exploration, we foster a supportive environment where youth can thrive. Join us to forge connections, cultivate talents, and empower the next generation of change-makers. Plus, enjoy a variety of recreation activities and clubs during after-school, evening and weekend hours for families of all ages.

Bronx River Cornerstone STAFF

Michael Brisbane

Program Co-Director


About Michael Brisbane

As I begin my adventure as the Children’s Arts & Science Workshops Inc.’s Co-Director of Programs, I would want to use this time to introduce myself. I’am a Bronx native and a product of NYC’s education system. I worked for the Department and Board of Education for fifteen years as a student advisor, tutor, teacher, and coach before taking up the position of Director of Programs at the Children’s Arts and Science Workshops Inc. I also served as an Activity Specialist, Young Men’s Initiative Facilitator (YMI), Saturday Night Lights (SNL) Head Coach, and Path To Grow program (PTG) graduate for The Children’s Arts & Science Workshops Inc. At Xavier University, I obtained my master’s degree in education. At MCNY, I also obtained my bachelor’s degree in professional studies in human services. As the Co-Director of the program, it is my mission to uphold an environment that fosters the ethical, physical, and personal growth of all of our participants. In my opinion, creating a secure learning environment gives individuals the chance to strive for greatness while developing a respect for commitment and teamwork.

Floyd Coleman

Program Co-Director (evening)


About Floyd Coleman

My name is Floyd Jermaine Coleman, I’m the Co-Director at Bronx River Community Center. Before becoming the Co-Director in June of 2023, I was the Evening Coordinator for over 6 years. I was raised in The Bronx River Houses, in which my mom is still a resident in the complex. I’m committed and dedicated to uplifting and empowering the youth in the community, it’s my life’s mission. Over the past 25 years, I have managed to run my own neighborhood basketball tournament called the “Showtime Basketball League.” This basketball tournament has served as an outlet for our youth in our neighborhood to do something positive and showcase their abilities and skills through sports. During a time where teens are lured to the negative street life, this tournament gave them opportunities to move towards a different path and change the narrative. In 2019, I was awarded “The Real-Life Hero” sponsored by Adidas Legacy and was featured on News 12 The Bronx as the “Neighborhood Superman” an award recognizing mentors and influential people uplifting their communities. Two of my favorite phrases are “Practice What You Preach” & Actions Speaks Louder Than Words”


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