Children's Arts & Science Workshops, Inc.

Marketing Prodigies

Our SYEP participants were given an invaluable glimpse into the creative world of marketing! As part of a career exploration panel held by Situation Group, a global marketing firm, participants learned about the creativity and communication skills that make up the marketing field. The event was also an opportunity for attendees to learn about the various roles available to marketing professionals, such as copywriting, graphic design, social media, etc. The event also included some hands on experience, as participants were tasked with creating a campaign for a fictional product!

Participants working with MECA NYC also had the opportunity to pitch their own campaigns with another major marketing firm, Publicis Groupe. In this case, participants were tasked with researching and presenting on social justice projects, dealing with issues such as bullying, mental health, and childcare for low-income families.

Experiences like these don’t only prepare youth for possible career-tracks, but also teach them skills like research, public speaking, and advocacy.