Children's Arts & Science Workshops, Inc.

School’s Out! Workforce is In…

As we enjoy the dwindling days of June, we’re certain that many of our CASW-Workforce participants are more than ready to start their summer jobs as soon as July rolls around! Since January, we’ve been preparing for Summer 2024; seven action-packed weeks of new places, new friends, lessons to be learned, and of course, invaluable work experience. 

As a proud provider of the largest youth employment program in the country, we’re also getting ready to support our participants in any way we can, and that means processing thousands of applications and records as we try to place each participant with their ideal summer job.

Details and Stats:

Within the past month, CASW workforce has held three job placement events, both in-person and online. Job placements serve both a direct and indirect purpose; obviously, it is an opportunity for participants to choose their summer job and bring their documents in, but it is also an ideal time to meet worksite providers and ask questions. Between each of these events, we’ve processed 1,107 applications, and since then, have received 150 walk-ins.

What’s Next?

As we near the end of June, many participants can prepare for orientation on the week of July 1st. However, work is expected to start for both younger and older youth (ages 14-15 AND ages 16-24) on July 8th.