Children's Arts & Science Workshops, Inc.

End of Year Celebrations…

As we close out yet another memorable year of after-school programs, we can’t help but look back on the accomplishments of our participants. During after-school, we may spend less time than during a normal school day, but we consider those hours to be just as formative.  Whether it’s STEM or the arts, we hope to enrich our participants’ education by allowing a more hands-on approach; and, better yet, to improve their social and leadership skills by giving them the chance to pursue their own projects.

How did it end?

We love to see our participants shine and, at the end of the day, look forward to the chance to give back to them! After all, as anyone at CASW will tell you, kids learn best when they’re able to be kids! Take our participants at PS 310, who, for example, who put together a spectacular end-of-the-year show!!! Not only was this occasion defined by their hard work and hours of practice, but it was also a chance for them to unwind and show off something that they’re passionate about! Or our participants at PS 18, who, through activities like Field Day, were able to live in the moment and connect with their peers. 

The Importance of Celebrations:

Whether it was building a garden or conducting their own science experiments, our participants certainly worked hard; and, while we certainly want to challenge them academically, we are equally invested in their social and emotional development. At CASW, we understand that after-school programs present a unique opportunity for participants to connect with their peers and instructors in a context that is different from the traditional classroom setup. For this reason, we believe that allowing students the space to enjoy themselves and show up authentically is an integral part of their educational experience.