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What’s in store for Summer Rising 2024…

If you’ve been reading any of our publications or following along on social media, then you’ll probably know that CASW is entering one of its most energetic seasons. Despite the fact that it only lasts 7 weeks of the whole year, Summer Rising (and by extension, SYEP) has garnered a reputation as one of the busiest, action-packed phases for the entire organization. Between registration for summer camps or processing work documents for summer youth applicants, the prep for this season often happens months in advance, starting as early as January. 

Summer Camps Operating In Full Swing…

As someone who has spent the past few months writing about these preparations, it’s interesting to see how all of CASW shifts to meet the demands of summer. Public schools closed just last week, and already, as of Tuesday, July 2nd, hundreds of participants have already embarked on their 7-week journeys. At each of our sites, both participants and staff are working on projects and activities that will come to define summer 2024. And yet, this isn’t all; starting next week, each of our respective programs will begin conducting trips all around NYC. I’ve often noted that this component of the program is one of the defining features of Summer Rising; these adventures provide participants a glimpse into the world beyond the classroom, and often carry valuable lessons in and of themselves. 

Workforce Picks Up Full Speed on July 8th:

Likewise, older youth (specifically those ages 14-24), will be starting their respective summer jobs on July 8th; SYEP orientations were held on on July 2nd, and starting next week, some will be joining Summer Rising participants at various sites as youth counselors; others will commence their work at other sites, internships, or project-based learning opportunities. Within CASW, there is often talk of growing alongside our participants, and it would seem that much of that growth can be measured in summers. Younger youth become familiar with our organization through attending Summer Rising and later, once they reach high school/college, often seek their first work experience through SYEP. 

Let’s hope that this summer, just like each one before it, will bring more stories of that same growth.