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NYC Summer Heats Up with NYPD’s SYEP orientation!

Over 1,000 NYC teens just got their summer plans a whole lot brighter! This week, the NYPD teamed up with DYCD to kick off their Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) with a buzzing orientation at One Police Plaza.

NYC Teens: Gear Up for Summer Success!

Imagine a summer filled with exciting opportunities, gaining valuable work experience, and making a difference in your community. That’s exactly what awaits these enthusiastic teens participating in the SYEP program. This six-week initiative provides a launchpad for young people, offering them a chance to:

  • Land their first job: For many participants, SYEP is their big introduction to the professional world. They’ll learn essential workplace skills and build their resumes.
  • Develop new skills: The program goes beyond just punching a clock. Participants gain valuable skills in communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, setting them up for future success.
  • Connect with the NYPD: Working hand-in-hand with the NYPD allows teens to see the positive impact police officers have on their communities.

A Day of Inspiration and Welcomes

The orientation was a vibrant affair, filled with excitement and anticipation. Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs Mark T. Stewart and Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD) Commissioner Keith Howard addressed the eager crowd, offering words of encouragement and highlighting the program’s importance.

More Than Just a Summer Job

The SYEP program isn’t just about summer fun (although there’s room for that!). It’s about empowering young people, fostering self-confidence, and preparing them to be productive members of society. It’s an investment in the future of New York City and a chance for these young minds to shine.

This summer is bursting with enriching opportunities for NYC youth. Alongside SYEP, exciting workshops are offered across the CASW-sites, fostering creativity and igniting young minds. So, whether you’re a future police officer or a budding artist, there’s a summer program waiting to spark your passion. Stay tuned for more inspiring stories and adventures as we follow our NYC youth throughout this unforgettable summer!