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Boone Ave & SYEP: From Administration to Mukbangs and More

It’s the second week of July, which means the first official week of work for thousands of SYEPs around NYC. This past monday, over 100 of our very own SYEP participants attended an orientation with the NYPD, where they’ll spend the summer working across diverse departments and in various capacities. Likewise, their counterparts can be found across the city, making their mark at a wide array of worksites.

What’s New At Boone…

At our CASW-Workforce headquarters, the Boone Ave office, activity is at an all-time high. Our in-house participants are spending the summer as interns; learning the ropes of what we do at Workforce and lending their many talents for tasks pertaining to administration, media, and other agency endeavors. 

A Week in the Life of SYEP Interns…

This week, if you were to visit Boone Ave, the scene before you would be quite interesting: Some of our interns would be hard at work, answering phones and cataloging documents for their fellow SYEPs. For others, the workday would even take a whimsical turn; a few participants even starred in a Mukbang! It’s worth noting that, regardless of what the workday looked like, everyone had the chance to unwind with some pizza.

Boone Ave’s Flourishing Garden of (local) Delights…

Aside from business as usual, Boone Ave is even flourishing in an aesthetic sense. If you happened to follow along with our “Love Nature, Love Your Block Campaign” on our socials, then you might know that our Boone Ave staff planted a garden back in April. Since then, the garden has flourished and our neighbors in nearby buildings have even volunteered to plant their own additions! Aside from being a resource for local youth, we’re proud that CASW-Workforce has played such an active role in beautifying the community and preserving nature. 

We’re excited to see how our participants (and plants!) continue to grow this season. Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible work our SYEP participants are doing at Boone Ave and across NYC!