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Cornerstones provide engaging, high-quality, year-round programs for adults and young people. The two cornerstones run by CASW (Bronx River Houses and Dyckman Houses) operate programs year-round for all members of our community and are open 6-7 days a week, providing afterschool and summer camp programs for our youth as well as engaging and enriching programming for older youth and adults.

Cornerstone youth programs are designed to provide engaging, high-quality youth services in partnership with NYCHA and our strong network of nonprofit providers across the City. Typical youth programs include: Academic Support, Life Skills / Interpersonal Skill Development, Healthy Living, High School and College Prep, Project-Based Activities, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Creative and Performance Arts, Entrepreneurship, and Youth Councils.

Cornerstone adult programs are designed to enhance skills and promote social interaction, community engagement, and physical activity. Typical adult programs include: General Educational Development (GED), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Parenting Skills, Workforce Development and Referrals, Family Relations, Tenant Education and Advocacy Cultural Activities, Computer Access and training, Intergenerational programming, and other Cultural Activities.


Isaiah Alicea

CASW-Cornerstone Program Co-Director at Dyckman Community Center


About Isaiah Alicea

A Harlem native who has held many positions within the agency since 2016 and is now the Co- Director at the Dyckman Cornerstone. Isaiah has multiple years of experience as a teaching artist/mentor and organizer in many schools and community spaces within the NYC area. He uses his knowledge of art and community organizing as a tool to inspire engagement with the goal to uplift and strengthen communities. His ultimate goal for the center is to foster a safe environment where youth and adults can develop and eventually build capacity for the next generation. 

Ishanel Acosta

CASW-Cornerstone Program Co-Director at Dyckman Community Center


About Ishanel Acosta

My name is Ishanel Acosta, though I’m commonly known as Ish. Since September 2014, I’ve dedicated my career to CASW. Bronx River was my steadfast home throughout my tenure as a group leader and later as an assistant director, where I found immense fulfillment in mentoring and guiding both children and older youths toward a positive path. I am deeply passionate about organizing community engagement events for our program and driven by a desire to serve the broader community. This passion has steered my academic pursuits toward a major in business administration, with aspirations to one day establish my own business. Now, as the new Dyckman co-director, I am ready to impact another community just as I did in Bronx River.



CONTACT INFOR FOR dyckman Cornerstone

+1 800-000-000

3782 10th Avenue New York, NY 10034

Program Hours

After School (K-5) (School Year) M-F 2PM-6PM

(Summer Camp) M-F 8 AM-6PM

Evening & Weekend Teen & Adult Center– Monday- Friday 6PM-10 PM & Saturday 10am- 5PM 

(Summer) Monday- Friday 6 PM- 11 PM & Saturday & Sunday 3pm- 11 pm


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